Financial advisory for sovereign debt sustainability

Potomac Group assists government clients to achieve debt sustainability and resilience to climate change

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Our work

Developing funding strategies and debt management practices to finance national development plans and the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Assisting clients to pursue innovative debt and non-debt transactions to fund the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Supporting the design, evaluation, and optimization of strategic funding options

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Debt Swaps &

Advising on debt relief frameworks and opportunities for introducing sustainability features through debt swaps or exchanges

Ratings, Communications, and Investor Relations

Developing strategies to manage and improve a sovereign’s international credit rating and investor relations

Our Services

Potomac Group offers a full spectrum of financial advisory services for supporting debt management and sustainable development

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Technical Analysis & Structuring

  • Assessing the sovereign’s strategic options considering debt sustainability and other criteria
  • Identifying and evaluating new and existing sources of financing
  • Structuring innovative transactions linked to climate and nature outcomes and other SDGs
  • Engaging with donors and sponsors to unlock credit enhancements to facilitate the transaction


  • Refinancing the existing obligations and raising fresh capital in the markets or through privately placed transactions​
  • Negotiating with key stakeholders
  • Facilitating procurement of any other transaction partners (e.g. legal, banks, etc.)
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  • Providing specialist advice on how to support the transaction during and after the launch
  • Advising on the impact of actions on sovereign credit rating
  • Optimizing traditional and social media outlets
  • Building narrative for future borrowing​

Our promise

We are dedicated to protecting the long-term interests of our sovereign clients. Having advised over 20 sovereign governments worldwide, we also regularly work with and on behalf of international organizations, helping to shape the landscape of sustainable sovereign debt and sovereign resilience

"Jill was responsible for the creation of the financial models we used to analyze our position and decide our negotiation strategies. Our efforts resulted in the landmark agreement that treated US$4.3 billion of Paris Club debt and resulted in a 66% debt reduction, unprecedented at the time for a middle-income country. Together we concluded 16 bilateral agreements."

Milan Zavadjil
Advisor to the Minister of Finance of Serbia

“Ms. Dauchy has demonstrated to us over many years her professionalism and dedication to serving and protecting the long-term interests of African countries. [...] It is my pleasure to recommend Ms. Dauchy. With her technical skills and long experience in sovereign debt, as well as her honesty and integrity, she is sure to prove a highly valued team member.”

Stephen Karangizi
Director, ALSF

“Over the years, Ms. Dauchy has shown steadfast dedication to her clients and her expert advice has helped many countries navigate the challenging landscape of sovereign debt management and debt crises resolution. [...] She does not hesitate to share her vast experience, knowledge and insights with others and always strives to build long-term relationships.”

Andrew N. Bvumbe
Executive Director (Africa Constituency Group 1), World Bank
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While our sovereign clients remain confidential, our institutional clients have included:

Sovereign Debt Podcast

Our podcast, with regular listeners from over 113 countries, promotes debate and bold thinking about reforming the international financial architecture and better serving emerging and frontier markets

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About Potomac Group

We are a trusted advisor to sovereign governments and other public sector borrowers. Our team of experts is dedicated to protecting the long-term interests of our clients and providing independent strategic and financial advice.

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