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ALSF and Potomac Group: Understanding Sovereign Debt: Options and Opportunities for Africa, Second Edition

Five years after the original publication of "Understanding Sovereign Debt: Options and Opportunities for Africa", the world has undergone seismic shocks including the COVID-19 global pandemic, the first European war post WWII and the escalating impact of climate change. Reduced concessional lending, slowing economic growth, volatile commodity prices, exchange rate depreciation and the rapid rise in expenditures have all contributed to a sharp increase in public indebtedness across the Continent. African states are reeling from the negative shocks whilst striving to reach their development goals.

In this context, the African Legal Support Facility (ALSF) sponsored a second edition of the handbook to address these recent developments. The handbook remains a valuable resource that provides a well-balanced, multi-disciplined perspective on sovereign financing and debt management in an easily digestible format. Although it is primarily dedicated to African debt managers and other government officials involved in sovereign debt management, the handbook’s content proved to provide valuable knowledge and insights for debt managers beyond the Continent.

Table of Contents:

* Introduction

* Types of Creditors

* Types of Financing

* Sovereign Debt Management

* Managing Contingent Liabilities

* External Support for Debt Management Offices

* Debt Distress

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